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European Express has been a tour operator for almost 30 years under the same management. An important factor to our success, particularly with the performing groups, is the accumulated skill, professionalism and knowledge of our experienced collaborators.

Our staff is multilingual and we do operate all tours directly in all European countries, including the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia, without involving costly subagents and middlemen in any city and country through which your tour passes. This fact also gives us the advantage of direct and better control over operations. We deal directly with hotels, bus and truck companies, concert sites and restaurants in that particular country’s own language.

We are located in Luxembourg, if you didn’t know, a small country and city with the same name, in the very heart of Europe. - By car two hours to Brussels, two hours to Frankfurt and three hours to Paris.

If you desire; we  will operate the tour in your name, giving your company the credit for all services provided . We call  it “Your Company Identity”.

Your tour can start and end at any gateway in Europe from Madrid or Rome in the South to Bergen in the North or from Moscow or St. Petersburg in the East to London or Paris in the West. – And of course all gateways in between.

We are very much aware of the great responsibility involved of taking charge of what may be the most valuable period of your client’s year.

We would be honored and happy to give you a quotation; and to look after your group or groups in Europe.

We can promise you that we care down to the last detail.


Welcome to us, 




Lars Lindstrom
President (co founder)



Contact us via mail, e-mail or fax.  If you are in a hurry or need to discuss a quotation, please feel free to call us collect.











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